Of an island where eternal life & reincarnation is possible
And multiple personalities aren’t considered mental illness
But a gift from the Gods who will never allow us to cease
Speaking in tongues to get a message across the centuries
Throughout the continents of the vulnerable invincible earth!
To all the urban graffiti artists that have & will continue
To exist because in the beginning there was only graffiti!
Interrupted by the unnecessary interference of grammatical
Structure that invaded the privacy of freedom of expression
And against our will and better judgment forced our minds
To go blank after the letter Z of conventional alphabetical
Anti climatic repetitious world order to control our minds
Into accepting the false fact that midnight can be discovered
In one day as opposed to a few years! Which is what our great
Grand exciting deathless parents taught us centuries ago
And we still practice what they preached even though we might
Have forgotten how to use the bow and arrow We still know how
To discover America without going to college to forget that
We always knew how to read & write & recite & paint & dance
& romance the cosmos in our spare time of becoming immortal
Temporary dignitaries of this planet on the way to the next
Ballroom where the latest dance already knew we were coming
To the rescue of our self-esteem in dreams that come true
Before the dream began in an out of focus atmosphere of art
That starts in the heart and continues forever and for now
In the lost & found memory of the Out of Focus Nuyoricans!

Rev. Pedro Pietri
Nuyoricans Out of Focus, 1996
Poem Prologue to Out of Focus Nuyoricans by Adál Maldonado, 1996
Published by Harvard University Press, 2006