Which didn’t occur overnight chico! It has taken us cien anos of
Impossible installment plans to barely see the light at the end
Of the tunnel of a welfare line that moved in slow motion Mambo
Steps that led away from the state of mind that finds paradise
On earth and not in insane asylums for believers of alphabetical
Disorder after being unable to figure out what numbers were going to
Come out of the closet to make your dreams come true in San Juan
As the airplane is about to take off and not move & take off again
Should you make the mistake of fastening your seatbelts which
Is detrimental to your historic Spanish Accent! You have to feel
Free to be free and see how different everything has always been
Before you erroneously began to fantasize in a foreign language
& step away from the parade that began before the parade begins
& the drums & sound of the trumpets make you extremely paranoid
& it takes you another one hundred years to get back into focus
Which amounts to a lost century of identity crisis & high prices
For insignificant therapy guaranteed to calm you down into believing
There is nothing wrong with you so you have nothing to
Worry about even though your ancestors disagree & will do their
Mucho best to make you lose sleep and think that it will never
Stop raining inside your living room as long as what you see is
What there is and there is nothing you can do about it unless
The world ends and you overslept that day and avoided perishing!
But to oversleep you have to be able to get some sleep or else
When the world ends you end with it for not being out of focus
& it has nothing to do with being Nuyorican & it has everything
To do with being Nuyorican! and Adal’s cosmopolitan camera can
Prove you don’t have to get off at the right station to get to
Where you thought you were going before ending up someplace else!