Officially or unofficially do about it but speak with an accent
To get the cuchifrito vote when his toupe runs for re-election!
My fellow non Americans who have made el Holy Bible a best seller
Among religious sacrilegious ghetto dwellers sold to them by supers
Who moonlighted as Pentacostal ministers out to make a quick buck:
Listen up! This will not be repeated! This has already been said!
In the beginning in the tenement building in apartment nineteen
Fifty nine on the fifth floor closer to the clouds closer to the
Sky our imagination held hostage until the Messiah returned on a
Horse driven motorcycle through the great gates of La Marqueta
En la ciento diez y seis & Park Avenue district of El Barrio in
One nation under Manhattan where the temptation to think about
Latins every time you mention Manhattan will never be supressed!
Porque YESSS we are here now and here we will be long after
El juego de dominoes continues con piragueros with Ph.Ds challenging
Macheteros who in their spare time perform heart transplants for
Relatives and close friends who have realized that assimilation
Is against everything ensalada de bacalao con aguacate believe in!
Porque there is and will always be to quote a reliable out of
Focus Nuyorican I street philosopher there will always be otro coco
Que habla y recita & baila & canta & llora y jode! who came here
Not only packing straw hats and guayaberas & bibles & tarot cards
& guitars & the moon & pitorro & maracas in el suitcase but
Also managed to sneak the ocean into the third hand sentimental
Indestructible maleta which passed through customs undetected
Making it possible for us to be in dos casas at el mismo tiempo!
So you see what you see is what you really see and don’t see too
And some see three and some see more depending on how much sleep
You volunteered to sacrifice to become an out of focus Nuyorican