You have never read anything other than the Reader’s Digest
Which is approved by the federal government whose military is
Illegally occupying 13 percent of the country that came directly
From the person that lives inside the body your shadow escorts
Through the journey of knowing and not knowing who the hell
You think and don’t think you are for being in so many places
At the same time of not really being anywhere you can stop to
Write a poem with a pen that has run out of ink! Or paint without
A brush on a canvas colors that no one but you can see
Or sing a song about an island you have never been to but are
Well familiar with because someone very close to you a few
Hundred years ago was and is still being born there where you
Will be born every time you complete an original testimony of art
Which is accomplished by letting the mind go blank to find words
To express how poetic thinking about nothing can be for Nuyoricans
Who rise and admit feeling significant about being out of focus!
They’ll always be more red wine than white wine at the reception
For the out of focus conception and simultaneous misconception!
A lesson too late for learning if you truly do believe que the
First sacred holy redundant unofficial sentimental words heard in
El mundo entero was LET THERE BE LIGHT & according to the IRS
There was light! And it was expensive And it wasn’t for everyone!
Because it couldn’t and still cannot be substantiated if what we
Take credit for seeing isn’t a government conspiracy approved by
The highest authority who blessed America only because he could
Not find Puerto Rico on the Map! Otherwise according to some Neo-
In Focus Liberals: the King of Puerto Rico would’ve been invited
To the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations
And there’d be nothing the present mayor of an absent city could