Anti-climatic democratic emissions ! Because the decision to
Or not to Rhyme was never yours to make in the United States
Or anywhere else you cannot climb a palm tree when you are
Thirsty and quench your thirst with coconut water compadre!
So that you won’t leave the comadre hanging the next time
The sun shines at night through the ventana of your Republic
Of roosters that don’t need a wrist watch to know what time
Is the correct time to start preparing for the celebration
Of having woken up another day to keep the night from ending
Prematurely in an atmosphere of surely goodness rhythms of
Evidence of never getting personal with the camera & allow
What is and what isn’t there now to be there & elsewhere
& agree with history that later on has a mind of its own!
Which means we might have been born somewhere else in otro
Century and the camera knows these things & and not only does
The camera know BUT it also believes that the truth keeps
Changing all the time right before the naked & fully dressed
Eye inside the eye outside the eye that sees everything visible
And invisible to clarify the fact that ends are never ever
Supposed to meet to improve the ability to imagine effectively
As you address the pedestrians of the overcast who show their
Appreciation for your monologue by not paying any attention
To your views on how out of focus could be the answer compay!
To find a good job & purchase a new car to drive out of the
Garage of your house which by the way isn’t out of focus now
That you are the only Puerto Rican on the block of privately
Owned houses in manic suburbs of counterproductive patriotism
And dangerous pseudo religious beliefs! You have come a long way
Home relief! Which will be the next stop unless you confess