Off your face to succeed in show business in this country
Of many countries including the country you have forgotten
Every time rumors of a promotion appears on a mysterious memo
On your desk at the Central Intelligence Agency where you
Are employed! Because history has proven that if you are not
An artist then you are a spy! And what is a spy! A spy is
Someone who sees what is there and not what isn’t there to
See if it’s really there or not there at all! & the camera
Has proof that the truth isn’t the truth all the time!
There is always something else altogether very different
In the living space of the living room of the living dream
Of laughing & singing & dancing & reciting & painting! &
It was the first time you looked away from the camera to
Take a photo of yourself many years later in the same house
Of a different world and your career of swimming the sometime
Passive sometime frantic Altantic Ocean to get to supper on
Time on the schizophrenic beach within & beyond your reach!
And unless you believe in spontaneous combustion you will
Not benefit from a creative resourceful split personality
Not only must you have confidence in the out of ordinary
Unpredictable element of daily semi-magic surprise routine
Of not knowing what record will the juke box play next time
On the dance floor of the trans tropical members only club!
You have to believe that you will hit the lottery someday
Or else go back to where you didn’t come from to succeed
And fail at the same time & take your misconceptions along
For the endless ride on the Times Square Shuttle Space Ship
From Times Square to Grand Central & back to Times Square
Until you reach the nursing home of Nocturnal Subliminal