And you don’t die You just endlessly assasinate your own
Character when your back is turned Which is all the time
If you think you will ever learn the rules of their rigid
Language which they keep changing all the time to confuse
You into believing you are not who you see when you see what
You don’t see while all the time seeing something else man!
But don’t lose any sleep or don’t get any sleep behind it
To continue contemplating graduating with high honors as we
Make plans for the 31st Century after one thousand years
Of being free to win or lose at dominoes in El Barrio USB
(Unified Simpatico Boricuas ) Only through accepting being
Out of focus will you be able to focus & keep your dreams
From coming through so that you will not have nightmares!
The highest honorable mention you will receive for thinking
The way you don’t think is palm trees in abandoned urban
Empty lots & casitas & chickens & hens & bilingual roosters
Contemplating their next move outside la casa where nosotros
First heard the question & answer when someone asked Que Pasa!
In the presence of elected official guitar players whose
Cousins were experimental congueros & congueras in aprons
In night gowns in residence In flowers from the backyard
In fruits from the forest where the rains never compromise
In ancestral costume jewelry on sale in the South Bronx
Of a few decades later doing messenger work with a Bachelor’s
Degree in Social Science because as social workers we won’t
Ever be a threat to the national security of this great
Out of focus democracy land of cancelled opportunities due
To the budget cuts & the razor cuts on your right wrist
Accidentally inflicted while shaving the map of Puerto Rico