Which proves beyond a reasonable doubt out of focus is out
Of the closet into art galleries in metropolitan interpla
Interplu interplan interplanetary areas of the local “U”
As in universal rhythms of the lesser & higher levels of
A card game of Casino as we take a brief recess from our
Divine down to earth ritual of legendary dignitary juego
De dominoes on any given out of focus hour of the day we
Decide to collectively speak in tongues as we suddenly
Share the same religion in our conversation of survival
In and out of The Island we keep swimming away from every
Time you feel you are about to become a famous rock star
Any day now as a fuse blows out and it is night time even tho
The sun is still being interviewed by homeless musicians
Because their mission is to come from everywhere AND when
You come from everywhere you have nowhere to go to cease
Being who you are & become who you have always been!
If you are going to stay in Manhattan’s Latin Republic
You have to keep walking around in circles until the next
Millenium for you to believe that the world is really flat
Or that the world is not flat mister! The world is none of the
Above! We hear el Coco que habla whisper from mountains
That will always be familiar with out of focus views!
Specifying we could be lying when we rise on instructions
From a patriot for the wrong reason! This is a free prison
We don’t have to result to rigor mortis every time the Star
Spangle Banner is imposed on short notice! Out of focus is
Not a new movement of cautious radicalism and sabbaticalism
From radicalism to write a book about your life as a Reverend
Hell No! Out of Focus is Out of Focus about Out of Focus!