In el final holy forest of the lonely retroactive Republic of
El State of Mind of Ponce & fly it to the Land of the Free
To dispose of the Mango in the incinerator of a housing project
For being a threat to national security for tasting so good!
Si what you see es lo que you don’t see! So mind your
Own business and get to work on time and not a word to anyone
Que you can see clearly or else the freedom of movement you
Don’t have and the freedom of expression you can’t take full
Advantage of will be suspended and you can go to hell if you
Think the camera is not telling the truth about who you are
And what you are seeing is what you are not seeing & so what
If it’s out of focus as long as you are still looking Latin!
What you don’t see is what you are looking at all the time
Until the temptation to see something else keeps you awake
During the hours of daylight which deprives you of being
An integral part of the society of the greatest darkness
The imagination keeps having head on collisions with lately
As the next Century waits for you in precarious dark alleys
Outside night clubs for members only in other Panic Planets
Of whispers with heavy accents from underground straw hats
To keep the sun out of the eyes of the hand that escorts
The machete to and from paradise in a matter of seconds!
Turning the radio dials becomes compulsively irresistible
And there is no stopping the mind from seeing something
Different all the time we don’t look out the window for
Evidence of a presence we are mesmerized by for the last time
On the calendar that omits the birthdays of jibaros
And their girl friends who are jibaras when they refer to
The men as maridos! Maldita sea su madre or Gracias a Dios!