Hell No! We won’t Go! We said in the womb But nobody heard us
Or asked our permission on becoming Nuyoricans before being born!
We wanted to be born on the beach and not in Bellevue Hospital
Across the street from the city morgue & East River nightmares!
Oh yeah it would have been more exciting to be born on a mountain
As opposed to a mental institution for recent sane immigrants!
Porque we were not crazy for coming to a cold country in summer
Outfits and speaking a language that only we could understand
So that their right hand will never know what our left hand is
Up to! Nobody alive can modify our unpredictable normal behavior
Which at last has been captured by the incorrectly correct lens
Of a camera that belongs to an out of focus fotografer from
The eternal temporary Loisaida who goes by the name of Adal
And only his camera knows what his last name really is!
What I have so far said & what I have said so far should
Make you feel good about being out of focus for el past Century
In an experimental society of upper & lower class secret agents
Who have invaded the privacy of the imagination of natural
Intercontinental gossip about how creation has evolved into
The suspicious character feared by children of all political
Misconceptions and contraceptions for library books with mucho
Too much information capable of addressing the salad dressing
State of mindless affairs of the systematically dispossessed
Tribe of terrific and specific and prolific contradictions!
Who were only conspiring on being poverty stricken for a few
Years & a few months & a few weeks & a few days only! & not
The next Millenium in el promised land of indecisions where anyone
Who doesn’t have impaired vision is working for the supreme
Secret Service whose mission is to find the last Mango