This city to those suburbs to the counties in those out of bound
Towns trying to find a neighborhood donde no Puerto Ricans live!
You came to this country too late for that! My uncle El Bodeguero
Fought in the Civil War on the side of the American Indians as
A freelance fortune teller who spoke in tongues with his machete
And paquetes which were proven facts in the society of the
Unbelievable life style of the simple and mysterious warriors of faith
In traditions that guaranteed survival for the accent guiding us
Into the 31st Century because it has been ten centuries since we
Had a serious conversation about people who can’t take a joke!
And we all agreed que esos no son de aqui even if they reside in
High class low self-esteem where the tourists keep going up
In smoke in the private beaches they control in our country where
El Sol is unmerciful to foreigners who attempt to turn the land
Into their private country club! And make it a crime for us to
Walk on our own grass or swim in the ocean we originated from!
They will not get away with it because my other favorite uncle
Who couldn’t read or write but could predict the future for now
By looking into your past! Walks in his sleep from Puerto Rico
To Manhattan to keep important appointments with his
Parapsychologist companera whose amazing psychic powers can
Make you forget how to speak English in three minutes or less!
And restore your lost nature Your lost fare & cancelled vision
Which was slightly impaired when we flew thru the air at an
Estimated altitude of 31,000 feet with seat belts attached to our
Blank thoughts of success with the milk & honey & food stamps
& for the breakdowns and the broken heart induced
By the truth and nothing but hard time that came along with the
One way ticket found under the pillow many sleepless nights ago!