Los Blueprints For a Nation

“To be free means to be proud of yourself, to be proud of yourself means to be creative to be creative means to defend your dreams, to defend your dreams means to have the courage to make your dreams come true in your lifetime, and once your dreams come true you will never have to worry about dying as long as you live!”
Rev. Pedro Pietri, 1996

“When you deny a group its own territory they will struggle
to create such a space.”
Agapito de Ciales

“If being out of focus means not being recognized, acknowledged or being in the present in the eyes of the dominant group, then this condition can be useful while you plot your subversive act of injecting yourself into their psyche or consciousness – by the time they recognize your presence it is too late.”
Adál Maldonado, 2006

The creation of a conceptual territory in response to the US government’s refusal to acknowledge the political, social and cultural needs of Puerto Ricansas we enter the 21st Century.”
ADÁL, 1996.


“We are a Spirit Republic! No one understands a rainbow better than Puerto Ricans who are a physical and spiritual combination of all the nations of the world Everywhere you go you will meet yourself.”
Eduardo Figueroa, 1976

Los Blueprints for a Nation, ADÁL, 1994-2013