Put politics aside & let the eye do the talking into the mike
As lightning strikes the Poets into confessing they were
Blind all the time and never mind asking for explanations!
Just read the poem and mind your own business painters!
As you paint what you see and don’t see very skillfully
In preparation to meet the love of your life and death
Who are companeros from the Republic of El Broadway Casino 
Ballroom where tu padremadre & compadre & comadre 
Enjoying her body coming closer to your body odors & sweat
As the boleros of El Trio Los Panchos make you & her feel
Extremely comfortable being out of focus together tonight
Where Harlem speaks Spanish! Because being out of focus 
Naturally meant that we could go to El Palladium without
Leaving our five room apartment on the top floor of our
House in mental suburban cold water flats every time
We look at el mirror of el legendary chiforobe Bureau of
Missing Persons inside those glass mirrors! Who are left
Behind on that island of mine! Island of yours! Island of
Every single one who has been reported out of focus 
By the higher technological authority from Wall Street
Where the secret government meets to keep our future from
Becoming out of focus! Forget about the mind and return to the
Assembly lines & just work & don’t think & mind your own
Minority Business & don’t ask the Pentagon any questions
Whose answer might embarrass the secret Kathedral Police
Who tap your telephone even when you don’t own one
In the land of out of focus democracy for which it stands
On the ledge of the roof of our memory of attempting not
To jump into assimilation! Carajo that would be suicide!