On weekends & get back to the assembly line in time on Monday
Morning with the blessing of aspirins for a surrealistic headache.
Never call a legendary domino player a Nuyorican and expect not
To get run over by unidentified numbered objects when crossing
Lexington Avenue on 111th Street! Domino players are the only
Athletes capable of focusing! Everyone else is still trying to make it
To the Hall of Fame of Insignificant Success! Yes, Painters and
Very few Poets who really don’t know it are auto mechanics at heart
& wonder why their art goes unrecognized by Wall Street?
They don’t feel good about being out of focus when they should
Be content they cannot be figured out and use the out of focus
Category to the glory of their advantage before we become a state
Of mind off limits to the soul that makes our grass grow metaphors
For all who pursue liberty and justice of the memory of magic
In the eyes of the older beholders of our self-explanatory myth!
If you can see you are seeing something different all the time
All the time it keeps changing it remains the same to become
Something else familiar with what always was & continues to be!
The bottom line is the Tainos were never extinct! The Census
Bureau just stopped counting them overnight and proclaimed us
Out of sight Out of mind Out of heart Out of soul! But definitely
Not out of memory where our nation still & will continue to be
The capital of authentic body movements of supernatural rhythms
That move mountains to snap their fingers to the beat of the sound
Of the music and the body can’t refuse so it travels unconditionally
From continent to continent to intercontinental inner sentimental
Circles of outlaws of grammatical structure to get a message across
To the higher authority of our emotions and wake up feeling profound
About being out of focus And stop relocating every few years from