To keep the Hunts Point Palace Saturday Night Ballroom scene
Of entire families enjoying their out of focus view of New York
City of secret insane asylums funded as non-profit public private
Church for members only! Who don’t eat meat on Good Friday
Unless they receive a promotion minus a raise and the boss offers
To treat them to dinner at Burger King because the boss really
Cares about the deterioating nutritional malpractice of thee
Spanish accent employees verbally out of focus and out to lunch
And some stayed out to lunch permanently & never returned to
Their assembly line destiny for not graduating from high school!
They joined the Puerto Rican Navy & now Salsa in submarines
In the ocean that discovered the beach that discovered the Palm
Trees that discovered the coconuts that heard the Poet Proclaim
This is La Isla Del Encanto! Which means you don’t need exact fare
To go anywhere in this ever so green island territory of
The authentic definition of planet paradise and eternal life
And the weather is nice & the weather is romantic & everyone
Boycotts death and goes dancing instead of conspiring to rule
The world and outlaw humor and shut down Botanicas and insist
We only became not so fluent in one language in the sandwich
Being shoved down our numerology after paying for the products
They stole from our Bomba y Plena garden of tropical vibrations
Directing the traffic of miracles before our national anthem
Became out of focus on the international political conscience!
Some sing it one way Others sing it another way and when heard
At the same time they both sound alike and very different also
Because no one is better than you even if you aren’t better than
Anyone else on the block where we first heard about mind games
That take many years to end & then the rematch takes longer!