And why shouldn’t we be Independent? We know how to sing and dance And paint And write poetry And educate each other. In the history of our memory of thousands of years ago We all remember being Taino Indians before Columbus Invaded our eternal beaches of everlasting, magnificent Resources the Earth provided the indigenous population of our Island. The power of memory eliminates the threat of extinction. We have no intention of forgetting who we were and who we are And will continue to be for now & forever & beyond!

who understand that the imagination has always been an independent country with a spontaneous sense of survival. It is there that the beginning of time became relevant! Because war has never been on our agenda of survival. Our only mission is to live and let live in peace & harmony with all the citizens of the remarkable Planet Earth. We hold no animosity against  anyone, even after 400 years of endeavoring to be fluent in Spanish against our will To then be instructed to learn English on short notice for the next one hundred years by other total strangers who are so impressed with our island that they decided to stay and told us to leave and find a better way of life.

We are not a government in exile! This is where we live! As a collective of indigenous survivors who have always voted for self-preservation wherever we have been located at the time of endeavoring to keep making ends meet. Vaya!

Ambassador Eduardo Figueroa said, “We are a Spirit Republic! No one understands a rainbow better than Puerto Ricans who are a physical and spiritual combination of all nations of the world. Everywhere you travel you will meet yourself.”

Everyone’s imagination is a Sovereign Nation! Freedom of expression has no boundaries to impede The individual from reaching the other side while alive To communicate with the dead & escort them back to life To reassure us that we need no man’s permission to be free To reassure us that we are dignitaries, porque somos Hermanos y hermanas on the same side of the mirror That our Isla del Encanto admirably stares at us from!

El Puerto Rican Embassy is necessary to explain How our Rain Forest functions! And why we came here In the first place. Not to better our standard of living But to expand our vision of how the world really began And celebrate the fact that we are all related to each other!

That’s why our Proclamation of Independence Is nothing to fear BUT something to enjoy together With whoever is serious about living forever peacefully In the house of everyone’s universal ancestors: Earth! Which gives everyone this day their daily identity. Vaya!

El Puerto Rican Embassy Manifesto Rev. Pedro Pietri, 1994 Co-Director, El Puerto Rican Embassy

El Puerto Rican Embassy is necessary if Puerto Ricans are to be excluded from the list of endangered species. Without it our destiny is at the mercy of foreign minds

Your body can’t be free if your mind is still in prison. There is nothing original about you, you are practicing what someone else preaches which deprives your imagination of equal rights! And that is the biggest error committed against yourself and those who depend on you for knowledge.

Our surrealistic history has proven that we are immune to mediocrity! Therefore, the future has resourceful plans for us. Working together isn’t impossible but inevitable! We are a Nation of one and many millions of eternal Ricans who need to visit each other more often to keep up with the latest bochinches in the artistic and political circles.

Because the subconscious doesn’t believe in collectivity individual dreams is what keeps the world from becoming aesthetically insignificant. Every individual has a secret down to earth harmless ulterior motive for staying alive and as long as it doesn’t prevent others from allowing their dreams to come true there is nothing wrong with you and El Puerto Rican Embassy welcomes you with open arms regardless of your temporary political sentiments. Vaya!

If we are to live forever it is imperative that we have an Embassy where we can all get together to share secrets of eternal life and acknowledge that we will always be related to each other in every artisitic discipline imagined!

What do we want? What every human being wants! The right to dance la Plena whenever we please like dignified human beings of tropical brilliance who time after time their fine minds have proven that you can be in two islands at the same time Dancing to supernatural down to earth rhythms from Solitary jukeboxes from the past, present & future!

El Manifesto

We are a sovereign state of mind, well aware of the fact that it is almost 1898 again and our own Embassy is long overdue for the most interesting minds of our great multicolorful generation to congregate as heads of state and keep our aesthetic sancocho warm enough to escort our eternal tropical contemporary urban lifestyle into the 21st Century phase of the pursuit of liberty & justice on the dance floor of the happiness promised our existence by the multi-lingo Spanglish creator of man and woman kind!

To be free means to be proud of yourself! To be proud of yourself means to be creative! To be creative means to defend your dreams! To defend your dreams means to have the courage To make your dreams come true in your lifetime! And once your dreams come true you will never Have to worry about dying as long as you live!